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Knowing what's in your cosmetics

Do you know how many individual chemicals you use in your daily routine?

Cosmetics products contain anything from 15 to 50 ingredients. The average woman uses between 9 and 15 personal care products every day. Researchers have estimated that when combined with the addition of perfumes, women place around 515 INDIVIDUAL CHEMICALS on their skin EACH DAY through their beauty routine.

Chemicals don’t necessarily mean dangerous, everything is a chemical, everything is made out of chemicals. It is the same story with cosmetics. They are made with SEVERAL CHEMICALS. Allowed in some countries but banned in others, some are SAFE to use and some are CONTROVERSIAL. You can also find some chemicals that are allowed to be used to make cosmetics but are only safe in small quantities. High exposure to those increases their RISK significantly.

"The problem here is that if you use 10 different cosmetic products every day that contain those controversial chemicals you, end up exceeding the safety guideline with prolonged use, causing the products to become dangerous to you."

Example: Formaldehyde is in a large number of cosmetic products, each in small quantities. As I was doing some research today I came across an article on a government website talking about. It said that "While exposure to low levels of formaldehyde is not dangerous, high exposure to the chemical is a safety concern”.

High levels of exposure to formaldehyde, particularly in cosmetic products, can cause:

  • sensory irritation

  • skin sensitisation

  • breathing difficulties

  • asthma

  • cancer, in circumstances where there is chronic high exposure

It is also known as formalin, morbicid acid, methylene oxide, methylaldehyde and methylene glycol.

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