Cholez Natural Cosmetics is above all a Franco-Australian artisanal and female-owned soap manufacturer and natural cosmetics company located in North Sydney, Australia. Our approach is part of the modification of our consumption habits to return to an attitude more respectful of the environment and our body by producing the minimum amount of waste.

Our products are manufactured, moulded, cut and packaged by hand, with the best care. All our solid cosmetics and products are 100% natural and made with organic ingredients, vegan, without testing on animals, without palm oil, and with minimum waste. They are part of a process of respect for the environment and living beings.

Do not hesitate to visit our blog to discover our universe, receive advice on the use of our solid cosmetics and learn more about zero waste. 


Earth’s Ambassadors

I want transparency, simplicity and quality in all my cosmetic products.

I want my ingredient list to be clear, understandable and transparent.

I want my brand to be responsible, sustainable and ethical.

I want my products to be respectful of the planet, my family, friends, my customers and me!

These are the statements I had in mind, wrote down and applied since I started

Cholez Natural Cosmetics.  

Alyson Cholez

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Ayurvedic powder, woman-owned business, artisanal soap, natural shampoo, local business, Sydney
Alyson Cholez - Cholez natural cosmetics - local business - Sydney- Australia - handmade soaps

In 2021, Alyson Cholez decided to create a brand that focuses on sustainable ingredients with the ambition of bringing nature to people.

"Over my travels, I have discovered different self-care rituals and I felt the need to share it because I believe that another way of producing and using cosmetics is possible."

Cholez Natural Cosmetics started to serve people from around the world that want to find a new natural and organic alternative to self-care. Our Online Sustainable Store was born from the desire to live sustainably and have a positive impact on the Earth by supporting responsible consumption and reducing waste in people's daily lives.

Following this ideology, each product we offer is eco-friendly, ethically sourced, cruelty-free, vegan and of the highest quality. Check out our catalogue of products and make a purchase today to join our community of environmentally aware customers.

100% natural handmade soap made with organic and plant-based ingredients. Natural shampoo
Alyson Cholez - Cholez natural cosmetics - local business - Sydney- Australia - handmade soaps
natural shampoo, handmade soap, zero waste, solid cosmetics, respect the environment, Australia
Franco-Australian business, based in Sydney Australia, woman-owned, sustainable cosmetics


Spotlight on Sustainability




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Human-Ecosystem Equilibrium

We want to live in a way that betters our planet and believe in maintaining the balance between human activity and natural processes. That is why our products are focused on improving the health of the global ecosystem.

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Conserving Nature

100% Natural and Renewable

By prioritizing Biodegradable Products, we believe that we can help shift the market and enhance consumer awareness regarding the impact of their purchasing decisions. Put your money towards a solution for environmental issues.

Cholez Natural Cosmetics is committed to selling high quality, natural products which are kind to the environment and minimize the negative impact on the planet. Recycled materials are a key factor in our sustainable solution.


We believe in transparency.  It is essential to know exactly what is in our cosmetics. Nature offers us a large variety of beneficial properties which combined properly bring a better balance into our life, and greater respect for our planet. 

Big picture

Our soaps are handmade using cold or hot saponification. This old fashion method from France combines different vegetable oils and turns them into soap. The slight amount of oil that doesn't transform will form a protective barrier on your skin as well as keeping your skin smooth and moisturized.  

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